Watch Live Angelina Jolie newest news about her Twins

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Many magazines are pushing to a whole new level with tasteless speculation about celebrity gossip, but there's a newest 'headline' rigthnow that grabs a grotesque piece of ugliness: it's claiming that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twin, Violet and Knox, have Downs Syndrome.

Their latest cover story features a 'tell-all' by a nanny who 'reveals' the 'painful family secret'. First, let's discredit this: neither twin exhibits any of the tell-tale facial features of a Downs child. Nor to Pitt and Jolie seem like the type of people who would go to great lengths to cover-up a child's disability.

It's one thing to speculate or spread stupid rumors about the unseemly nature of two adults' relationships, but to bring kids in and accuse them with absolutely no merit of having a lifetime debilitating mental disorder exceeds bad taste. Nice one, Star. Enjoy the lawsuit. Exploiting toddlers AND being dismissive of a very serious issue like Downs Syndrome? I hope everyone sues, from the Pitt-Jolies to Corky from Life Goes On.