Watch Live Ricky Martin's new Album on screen

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After Ricky Martin announced last year on the web that he is" proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man."here is his new first studio album since 2005 the"Musica+Alma+Sexo," .On this album, his usual exhortations to seize life's pleasures mingle with coming-out manifestos, and he smiles through them all.

The video clip for the album's first single in English, a lilting duet with Joss Stone called "The Best Thing About Me Is You," shows Martin pulling a gag off his mouth, then juxtaposes him with gay and straight couples with equal signs painted on their chests.

In "No to Miento" ("I'm Not a Liar"), he insists that despite accusations and judgments, "With you I'll lead an open life." Yet Martin is a pop star before he's a crusader, aoud nd he's clearly determined to reach a wide audience, both Spanish- and English-speaking. The sentiments in his new songs are open ended enough to double as self-affirmations for anyone feeling like an outsider. He's still a gutsy, emotive singer, and the music strives to be up to the minute.

The album pours on pop craftsmanship in a show of confidence and pride. It will test how Martin's mass audience can handle his new openness. GRADE: B