Watch Live Miley Cyrus praised by Ashley Green on screen

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The Twighligth saga star Ashley Green gives good comments to her movie co-star Miley Cyrus that will be an issue to her March cover at Teen Vogue.

In the upcoming March issue of Teen Vogue , Ashley Greene dishes on both her career and her latest film, LOL, in which Greene co-stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore. Although Miley Cyrus is 18, Ashley Greene mentioned that Miley may be wiser than most her age due to being in the business at such a young age. "She's young, but we could relate to each other," admitted Greene, "because she's probably been through as much as a 40-year-old!"

In the new interview, Ashley Greene also talks about being happy and productive, her family, working on Skateland and the upcoming comedy Butter, and more beyond LOL with Miley Curus. In relation to working on Butter with Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde, Greene tried to explain the concept. "It's about butter carving, which, really, you have to Google."