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          The American actress and model Megan fox hit the ski-slopes with Mad Men's Hon Hamm this week.
          The 24-year-old actress was snapped with her hair rollers in as she filmed scenes for her forthcoming movie 'Friends With Kids. Fox was layered up in skiing attire as she and Jon Hamm chatted with the movie's director Jennifer Westfeldt, who is also Hamm's partner of over 13 years.
           Despite filming most of her own stunts for the first two Transformers films and the comic book inspired action movie 'Jonah Hex', Fox wasn't required to film any actions scenes this week and shot most of her parts on the flat.
          The comedy movie, which has been filming in the Bronx for the past couple of weeks, is set to be released sometime in early 2012. The film revolves around a pair of thirty-something best friends who begin to notice the toll that having kids has taken on the couples they know. Adam Scott and Kristen Wiig also star in the move, as does the British actor Chris O'dowd.