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Release Date: February 18, 2011 (NY)
Studio: IFC Filma
Director: Jorge Michel Grau
Screenwriter: Jorge Michel Grau
Starring: Paulina Gaitan, Alan Chávez, Paulina Gaitán, Carmen Beato
Genre: Drama, Horror
Plot Summary: 

          In this movie, a middle-aged man dies in the street, leaving his widow and three children destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only with his loss but with a terrible challenge -how to survive. For they are cannibals. They have always existed on a diet of human flesh consumed in bloody ritual ceremonies... and the victims have always been provided by the father. After his mysterious death, an internal power struggle ensues as the two brothers, Alfredo (Francisco Barreiro) and Julian (Alan Chávez), vie for the role of family leader with each other and their mother, Patricia (Carmen Beato)

          The Mexican film centers on a family of ritualistic cannibals living hand-to-mouth on whatever prey their father can scavenge, usually a prostitute to the matriarch's chagrin.