Watch Frankie Muniz and Girlfriend are now in good terms

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Just last week,Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbow was being investigated by the police due to disturbance at his Phoenix home.When it was all over the actor had handed over a gun to officers.

In an interview,Muniz’s rep Lauren Tobin tells PEOPLE the duo now "are fine" and "as far as they are concerned, their issues are resolved."

The Malcolm in the Middle star, 25, and Turnbow, are "still very much a couple," Tobin says. "Neither one is interested in finger-pointing at the other. It was a situation that escalated beyond a point that it needed to be. If anything, they will look back at this as a learning opportunity."

Tobin also clarified reports that Muniz held a gun to his head during the argument with Turnbow.

"He was not suicidal," Tobin says, noting that Muniz’s gun was "voluntarily handed over" to authorities for safekeeping. Neither person was arrested and no charges were made.

Since Malcom ended in 2006, Muniz took a step back from Hollywood and concentrated his race car driving.

He then moved to Phoenix and joined the independent band You Hang Up early last year. Since the Feb. 11 incident, Muniz has resumed performing with the four-person rock group for which he's the drummer.

"He gets along great with the other guys," the band's manager, Todd Erickson says. "They’re friends in addition to being in a band together. They’re all a really good group of people."

Erickson describes the post-TV Muniz as "hard-working and multitalented" with "opportunities in a lot of different directions. I have nothing but good things to say about him."