A Horrible Way to Die

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Watching Movies is one of the most relaxing and stationary habit however it still drive lots of people choose to be with this habit even though most of the stories were not real situation nor real happenings but the character of the stories were based on real character of a person that is why many love to watch movies because they can relate their personality to the story,also people who are in struggle of their character because of circumstances that in prison  them to be the  person they would like to be,watching movies are their ways out  to be comforted.

So, here's one of the new movie to watch this week. I just hope that through this movie aside from being entertained, you can also relate to the story and will learn something for you to improve your self if there is so or at least see your self to the story and be able to evaluate your self how good or not good are you same to the character of the story.

The Movie: 
A Horrible Way to Die, to be released on August 19, 2011, in
Anchor Bay Entertainment , directed by: Adam Wingard, starred by: AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz, Joe Swanberg

The Summary:
An emotionally chilling descent into a quiet world where ugly things happen behind closed doors and down desolate country roads.

Garrick (A.J. Bowen, "The House of the Devil") is on the run after escaping from prison. His ordinary looks and casual demeanor mask his menacing true nature, that of an unassuming serial killer who can't control his compulsion. Disguising his appearance and driving along interstates under the cover of night, he leaves a trail of corpses as he makes his way across the country.

Meanwhile, Sarah (Amy Seimetz, "Bitter Feast") spends her days working as a dental hygienist and her evenings in AA meetings. She slowly opens up to the support group and makes a tentative romantic connection with fellow member Kevin (Joe Swanberg, "Blackmail Boys"). Awkward in their newfound sobriety, they bump and fumble in their courtship until Sarah gradually gains the confidence to reveal a dark secret from her wounded past that, unbeknownst to her, is about to resurface.