Elin Nordegren’s New Man a ‘Total Playboy?’

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It’s been almost two years since the long and messy breakup of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. The golf star and the Swedish model seemed to be the perfect celebrity couple- quiet and not very flashy, with two toddlers and an ideal life. But then, the Thanksgiving before last, a massive sex scandal involving Woods slowly broke after the golfer crashed his car near their Florida home. The pair struggled to keep it together, but Woods’ former bedmates emerged from the ether one by one, all claiming extensive and salacious romps with the athlete.

All in all, more than a dozen women came forward with tales of bedding Woods while he was involved with Nordegren, and eventually, their marriage dissolved. We did not hear much from the former Mrs. until earlier this summer, when it was revealed that she was dating financier Jamie Dingman- well, financier and, if OK is to be believed, large scale playboy.
According to the gossip mag, Nordegren could be in for heartbreak again- OK says the “tycoon” is “as much of a player as Tiger, if not more so,” and spoke with an unnamed source about Jamie’s alleged habits:
According to an insider, Jamie “grew up incredibly privileged” and “is a total playboy, exactly the type of guy a lot of people believe she should be staying away from.”
“I actually feel sorry for her,” another insider adds. “He has houses and girls all over the world.”
The “insiders” quoted for the piece say that Nordegren is interested in meeting a wealthy man- not for his money, but because she can rest assured whoever she settles down with won’t be interested in her investment portfolio more than her personality. Woods and Nordegren finalized their divorce last August, with a settlement believed to be worth about $100 million.