Watch Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal Have Oscar Party Run-In online

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          Taylor Swift gets really excited when she realizes she's about to have a run-in with an ex. These moments are her songwriting fuel! So when People describes Swift's encounter with ex Jake Gyllenhaal at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last night as "serious," you can practically see the tears forming at the corners of Swift's eyes during their conversation. And you can see her running up to best friend Selena Gomez afterward: "Omigod Selena, come to the bathroom with me now... I just talked to Jake." And you can imagine that, the whole time, she's totally loving it.
          People reports that Gyllenhaal and Swift were spotted "outside near the restroom having a discussion" and that "it certainly wasn't a 'Hi, how are you?' talk" (which isn't really surprising considering the two did used to date). "It seemed like they were catching up," the source reported, "sorting something out." After this mysterious conversation, Gyllenhaal was seen exiting the party, whereas Swift -- who has reportedly moved on to "Glee" star and recent hockey game companion Chord Overstreet -- stayed and hung out with two girlfriends, no doubt furiously writing Gyllenhaal-centered lyrics in her iPhone. Gyllenhaal's Oscar night must have felt sort of like navigating an obstacle course, as ex-girlfriend Reese Witherspoon was also present at the party, though it's unclear if the two crossed paths. At least he got to spend a sweet moment (at least, it looks like a sweet moment) earlier in the night with Michelle Williams (Gyllenhaal is godfather to Williams' daughter Matilda).