Watch 'Odette Yustman & Dave Annable Enjoying the Honeymoon Phase' online

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Odette Yustman, the actress – who married Dave Annable in October is still glowing new bride, she has gained some new found wisdom as a married women.

"There's a lot of great things about being a newlywed," the actress said in an interview while promoting her new Fox show Breaking In, which stars Christian Slater. "I mean, I'm still in the honeymoon phase, so everything is great and amazing." the actress added.

But the 25 years of age actress says that she and Annable, 31, who stars on Brothers & Sisters, have learned some valuable secrets to happiness as a married couple.

The couple also know how to separate their busy work life from private time. "We've balanced our work and our personal lives; we really don't talk about work when we come home," says Yustman.

Even while the actress worked with her hubby on several episodes of Brothers & Sisters, "We kept work at work," she says. "We'd get home [after shooting] and talk about just the normal daily things in life."