Watch Live Prince William and Prince Harey for their never seen atire before on screen

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A never yet unseen portrait of Prince William and Prince Harry – in which the royal brothers are dressed down in jeans and open-necked shirts – was unveiled Friday.

At the 10th death anniversary of Princess Diana the mother of both prince they commemorated it by way of concert last year 2007,it was the time also this portrait was taken : The black-and-white image – vintage 2006 – that was snapped by photographer Fergus Greer, who had been specially commissioned by their office.

But it was never published and remained under wraps until now.

The photo sitting was held at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst shortly before William, now 28, graduated as Kate Middleton watched from the stands. Harry, 26, who had preceded William at the academy, was a serving army officer at the time.

The image, to be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery beginning Feb. 7, is part of a collection that includes other well-known names in the U.K., including singer K. T. Tunstall and actors Brian Cox and Andy Serkis