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Release Date: February 18, 2011 (limited)
Studio: National Geographic Entertainment
Director: Dereck Joubert
Screenwriter: Jim Kouf
Starring: Jeremy Irons
Genre: Documentary
Plot Summary:  

          Jeremy Irons, the Oscar Winner narrates "The Last Lions," a real-life story of an ostracized lioness and her two cubs fighting for survival in Botswana's Okavango Delta, one of the last regions where lions can live in the wild. Faced with dwindling land and pressures from the hunting of lions, the lioness's struggle to escape to safety on Duba Island is captured by award-winning husband and wife filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert.
          Taking into account that big cats are at the very top of the food chain, their rapidly approaching extinction will cause a complete ecosystem collapse unless we take action. Through gorgeous panorama and a touching back story, "The Last Lions" brings to light the importance of protecting these beautiful creatures, the last lions of our planet under moral and government mandate.
          The setting for this epic tale is one of the last regions where lions can live wild. Faced with dwindling land and increasing pressure from hunting, lions - like our lone lioness and her cubs - are approaching the brink of extinction.