Watch live "Lady Gaga Hatches From Egg During Grammy Performance" online stream

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During Lady Gaga's Grammy Performance with her latest single "Born This Way", the egg was lit up as she was wheeled onto the dark stage Sunday night. She was wearing a yolk-colored latex bra, pasties, a skirt and showed off a bare stomach. She also had bare pointy shoulders, black lipstick and a long, pink side ponytail.

In the middle of the song, the singer played the organ (which was surrounded by mannequin heads submerged in some type of gel), and sang a portion of her club hit as a ballad.
In the end, her dancers stripped off their latex outfits so they appeared to be naked (but were wearing skin-colored leotards).The performance ended with Gaga's dancers putting a latex jacket over her.
Before her arrival on the red carpet.