Watch Live Jennifer Lopez favorites singer on screen

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Seemingly clear that in American Idol , Jennifer Lopez has already her favorite singers even without naming names.

As she interviewed on SiriusX M radio's The Morning Mash Up if there was a contestant who appeared to be a frontrunner, Lopez admitted, "I thought that about a few different people. And as we go through the process and I see them perform more and more, it changes. That's how many good people we have."

While all the judges have their own opinions, it's Steven Tyler who tends to say the most off-the-wall comments. So what does Lopez think of her costar's antics?

"We have a great time," she says. "When things come out of his mouth, I think half of the reaction is, I whip my head to the side and I'm like, 'Did you just say that?' "

With the absence of Simon Cowell , the current season of Idol feels less caustic and more heartwarming – see examples John Wayne Schulz and Chris Medina – and Lopez approves.

"Some people walk in there and it's a crazy funny thing and then some people walk in there and they really can sing and they have this story," Lopez says. "It's real people who are really out there really going through some stuff and who have dreams. I think that's the magic of it."