Watch live ' Arnold Schwarzenegger stirred up interest in Terminator franchise' free online

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          We all knew that the action star Arnold Schwarzenegger turned-California governor, but the actor tweeted that he's all for a return to acting now that he's freed up from the world of politics.
          Universal Pictures is hoping to attach 'Fast Five' director Justin Lin of the Terminator franchise, Deadline is reporting that Arnold Schwarzenegger's actions have stirred up some interest in the now defunct 'Terminator' franchise. The site suggests that, with the Action Star having completed his run in politics, the studio may be interested in acquiring the rights (presumably with him attached) for a development under  Lin and his Fast Five writer Chris Morgan.

          With the franchise rights currently held by Pacificor, a studio-less hedge fund, there are a lot of balls in the air to be placed before anyone can make another Terminator film happen and there are also a number of routes that could be taken with regard to sequelizing or rebooting previous franchise entries. The original, released in 1984, spawned three theatrical sequels as well as a live-action television series.