Watch Lady Gaga at Late Nigth with Clarence Clemons

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When Clemons,the musician was putting together an exercise machine at his home in Florida that was Friday afternoon three weeks ago,and a call came from Lady Gaga told him that she wanted Clemons to be in her recording stat.He dropped what he was doing, flew to New York, met Gaga at midnight and had a track recorded three hours later.
Clemons told Rolling Stone, "She said, 'We'll put the tape on and you just play. Play from your heart. Play what you feel.' It was all very pure."
Clemons' sax can be heard throughout the "Hair" single, including a solo.
He says he was a Gaga fan prior to working with her and is an even bigger supporter now, "She's the real deal. All the craziness and stuff, there's a purpose to all of it. She has no boundaries. It's a day I'll never forget."
Lady Gaga's Born This Way album will be released in May.