Watch Angelina Jolie's "SALT"considered to be the riskiest movie of 2010

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      The "SALT" movie was considered to be the most riskiest film of 2010 by Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co.,since it is an action-packed movie starring Angelina Jolie who performed her stunts by her own.
      Ms. Jolie, starring as CIA agent Evelyn Salt, who’s on the run after being accused of being a Russian spy, a movie by Sony Pictures Entertainment action flick.
     “When the artist is going to be involved in their own stunts, it’s considered risky for us as the insurance carrier,” Wendy Diaz, Fireman’s Fund director of entertainment underwriting, reportedly said. “But it’s also somewhat risky for the production company.”
       The Novato,Calif-based insurer spoke out that the delay costs for an injured cast member can soar into the millions of dollars.For a big budget film,like SALT  can cost the production company $250,000 a day that the injured cast member is unable to work.
      “Part of my role as a risk services consultant is to work with movie studios to analyze scenes that include stunt work, explosions, chase scenes, weapons and more, to ensure the safety of the cast and crew,” said Paul Holehouse, entertainment risk consultant at Fireman’s Fund, a unit of Munich-based Allianz S.E. that’s been underwriting risks for Hollywood films for 85 years.
Ms. Jolie reportedly suffered a small cut between her eyes during the filming and was treated and released from a local hospital.
      “I returned the next day with this big bandage on my head, they had to paint (the bandage) out,” Ms. Jolie told reporters. But after only a few minutes, “they were like, ‘You’re really not fighting very well,’ so they sent me home.