Watch Adam Sandler's own rating for his movie on stream

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The famous comedian actor tells his feelings of not reading any critics reviews before seeing movies for himself,since he just don't want to be influenced with it and he's glad of not reading any reviews before seeing "Just Go With It"

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston co star and both have been involved in hits and misses. I'm pretty sure this will end up being a hit because the positive word of mouth is mightier then the negative reviews this movie has been getting.

Sandler can be both funny and warm as in "The Wedding Singer" and in this movie he is both. Aniston meanwhile has been clubbed more then baby seals by the critics over the rubble she has put out, but in this movie it felt like she was back in the TV show "Friends."

The story (as is often the case) is fairly ludicrous but the writing and comedy more then make up for it. Sandler is a plastic surgeon who is a womanizer and Aniston is his secretary who knows him inside out. Sandler falls for one of his prey, Brooklyn Decker who is drop dead gorgeous. Decker is married to Andy Roddick and he is one lucky bastard. Eventually Sandler, Aniston and Decker go off to Hawaii with Aniston's kids and the jokes and awkward situations unfold. Also appearing in this movie is Nicole Kidman and this is a far cry from all her serious roles especially the recent "The Rabbit Hole". But good for her for branching out and adding comedy to her repertoire.

The actor rate his movie a triple-three stars for he  found himself laughing out loud numerous times from some of the jokes and some of the slap stick comedy of these movie and seeing Decker in a bikini is well worth the admission plus you also get Dan Patrick (where did he come from) in a cameo. I really enjoyed this movie and give it a triple - three stars.