Watch live 'Britney Spears Hits The Stage In Latest 'Hold It Against Me' Teaser' on screen

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 With only eight days until the release of Britney Spears' latest "Hold It Against Me" video, she's sending out another teaser for the Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip that premieres on MTV on February 17 at 9:56 p.m. ET. In Wednesday's sneak peek, Spears not only previews another aspect of her dance sequence, but also gives fans a glimpse of the dark, media-saturated world that the video takes place in.

At the stage, a voiceover, Britney says, "Would you hold it against me?" as the words, in neon-colored Def Leppard-esque font, flash up on the screen. Next, shots of huge speakers cut to a view of a stage flanked by bright lights.

The scene jumps again to the speakers, then to Spears, dressed in a skintight black bodysuit. She's standing in profile, looking up, while her dancers are on the ground. Confetti is falling. As the shot fades, Brit is kept in the forefront as fans are reminded "8 days to go."

While the teasers have been super short and revealed, presumably, out of order, they do show that Spears' video relies heavily on dance performance, hearkening back to the dark, futuristic, club-like settings that were captured in videos like "Stronger," "Toxic" and even "I'm A Slave 4 U."

Brian Friedman, the Choreographer said that he made it clear that Spears is sexier than ever in the video and Britney really dominates when she does his choreography. 
Friedman also revealed to MTV News that there's some nudity in the video and that Britney is at her fiercest.